Pooja Timings
Morning Opening 06.15 a.m
Morning Abhishegam 06.30 a.m
Morning Pujai 07.30 a.m
Mid-day Abhishegam 11.30 a.m
Mid-day Pujai 12.00 p.m
Closing (morning) 12.30 p.m
Evening Opening 04.15 p.m
Evening Abhishegam 04.30 p.m
Evening Pujai 05.30 p.m
Night Abishegam 08.15 p.m
Night Pujai 08.30 p.m
Closing 08.45 p.m

This Hindu festival Thaipusam is always celebrated in January or February yearly,during the full moon of the 10th months in the Hindu Calendar.

Thaipusam commemorates the birthday of Lord Murugan and his destruction of the evil demon, Soorapadman. Every year, thousands of visitors and devotees throng the island to witness this spectacle of epic proportions. In a show of faith and devotion, Hindus (including quite a few foreigners) in a trance carry magnificent kavadis that are pierced into their bodies or pots of milk as offerings to Lord Murugan.

The three-day event includes a silver chariot procession where the statue of Lord Murugan makes its way from a temple in the George Town heritage enclave to a hill side temple in Waterfall Road. As the chariot passes the streets, devotees smash coconuts as offerings and to give thanks to the deity.

Along Waterfall Road, stalls selling everything from souvenirs and prayer paraphernalia to Indian sweet meats, drinks and snacks line the street. This Hindu festival comes alive in a carnival-like atmosphere with chanting and music – an experience like no other!

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